25 Easy Gifts To Offer To Your Partner

Give an experience like a helicopter ride

Giving gifts is such an important way to show tokens of affection and love to our partner. Of course, you think about giving a gift for their birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day or your anniversary. What makes gift giving even more fun and precious to your loved one is when you surprise them with a gift, celebrating them and showing how much you care — regardless of the day of the year.

Giving gifts is not just about buying stuff. It’s about knowing what your partner cares about and demonstrating your affection and appreciation for them. That’s why I’m sharing with you simple homemade gifts you can make yourself, as well as store bought gifts and experiences you can create for your loved.

There are 3 categories of gifts: the ones you make, the ones you buy, the ones that create memories for a lifetime. Let’s delve into each category and see which would be most meaningful to your loved one.

1. Homemade Gifts

A Photo Album

Create a photo album of your best memories together as a couple. Even add some of these funny pictures from when your partner was a kid or being a goofy college student. You can make the photo album online such as Vista.com or Walgreens.com and have it printed on beautiful mat paper with a hard cover.

A Surprise Gift Card Box

Write down several free surprise gift cards on stock paper and put them in a box. Your partner gets to pick one or several gift cards on the day you want to celebrate them. Each card has a message you wrote such as “free massage” or “free three course dinner cooked at home”!

Homemade Cookies

Surprise your loved one with a box of homemade cookies you have made for her. You can discreetly place them in their lunch box before they go to work with a sweet message with it. Simple and easy way to make your partner smile.

Fix An Object They Really Like

My husband had a belt that he had made in India with unique stones on his buckle. The leather belt had worn out so I had the leather strap remade and gifted it to him as a surprise. He loved it!

Create a Perfume

It’s not as hard as you imagine! You can create a simple, yet fragrant perfume for your partner with essential oils and carrier oil (such as sweet almond oil).

I like vetiver, sandalwood, cypress, pine, cedarwood, balsam fir, black pepper, frankincense, patchouli, orange, tangerine, lavender, rose and ylang ylang essential oils. You can pick your favorite scent or combine several essential oils together. Make sure that you follow the essential oil to carrier oil ratio in a safe way. Your loved one will only need a drop or two of your delicious perfume on their skin to smell divine:-)

Run Them a Relaxing Bubble Bath

With candles and the music they enjoy listening to when relaxing. Your partner will love being taken care off this way. Consider bringing them a platter of finger foods and a glass of their favorite drink for extra bonus points:-)

Make Them a Music Playlist

You may think about putting together a playlist of your partner’s favorite music. You can even have themes for them such as “Your road trip playlist” or “Your exercise playlist” or “80s flashback for my sweetheart”.

Create a Song or Poem

Even if you are not a songwriter or poet, you can come up with a simple and beautiful text for your S.O. Mention things you love about her, or memories that you hold dear about him, or something that would make her laugh. Use your imagination and don’t worry if it doesn’t rhyme. What matters is the thoughtfulness you put into it!

2. Store Bought Gifts

You may not have the inclination or time to create your partner’s gift. It’s totally fine to go to the store or buy a gift online that you know your partner will love. The key here is to make sure that you know your partner’s tastes well and choose based on that — not your preference:-)

A Beautiful Watch

Watches are back in fashion. Consider whether your partner would prefer a Fitbit kind of watch if they are sporty, or a more fancy design for their urban lifestyle.

A Special Wallet and Belt

Is your partner’s wallet or belt looking like it’s falling apart? Consider getting them a new. They may prefer leather material, vegan canvas, eco friendly or ethically made wallets and belts.

“Life is like a box of…”

Chocolates … or candy … or wine … or Japanese sambe crackers … or port wine or … whatever they love to savor.

French Coffee Press

For coffee aficionados — like me — you could get them a French coffee press or espresso machine. They can even bring to their office or on a road trip! Did you know you can buy portable espresso machines that require zero power?

Luxurious PJs and Robe

After a long busy day, there is nothing more enjoyable than slipping into beautiful yet comfortable pajamas and robe.

A Sheepskin Throw

My husband has been fantasizing about having a sheepskin throw to spread in front of our fireplace on romantic date nights. What a great idea ! Real sheepskin comes from the animal so our family prefers to go for the synthetic machine washable kind.

Wireless Headphones

Have you thought about getting quality wireless headphones for your loved one? Most people love to listen to music on the go, listen to podcasts or watch movies without disturbing the rest of the family.

Personalized Phone Case

I remember a friend of mine taking her phone out of her bag. Her phone case had pictures and key words such as “penguins”on it. I asked her what the penguins were all about. She said they were favorite animals and that her husband had personalized her phone case for her birthday. So sweet!

A Monthly Magazine Subscription

Is your partner really into home decor, technology, business, music, yoga lifestyle? Consider getting them a monthly subscription to their favorite magazine. They will know how much you care to see them continue to nurture their interests!

A Cool Pair of Sunglasses

If your partner doesn’t already have a good quality pair of sunglasses, consider getting them one — especially the kind that would make them even more sexy than they are:-)

A Picnic Backpack

If your significant other loves the outdoors, he would enjoy having a backpack with picnic blanket, dishes, glasses, food and wine bottle cooler all ready to go. Perfect for those spontaneous picnics in the park!

A Conversation Card Game

A conversation card game is a great way for you guys to get to know each other even better. You’ll enjoy the lighthearted and funny questions, as well as the thought provoking ones. Have fun playing and bonding together for more quality time.

3. Gift of Experiences

Your partner may be one of those people who have everything and doesn’t want anything more. My husband is one of those so I’ve had to be creative and focus on offering him experiences instead. Here are a few you may like for your S.O.:

A Balloon or Helicopter Ride

This makes for an unusual adventure with your partner. You can choose a sunrise or sunset balloon ride including food. You can do it by the ocean, over vineyards or by the mountains for spectacular views your partner is sure to remember.

A Concert or Show

If you know your partner is a fan of country music or AC/DC, get them a ticket to a concert or a music festival they would love. Maybe they are more into comedy shows, sports events or shows like Cirque du Soleil.

A Weekend Getaway

Think Airbnb, Vrbo, or resort stay for a unique and unwinding experience for your loved one. Whether it’s a ski trip or lounging by the pool weekend away, you’re giving your loved one a break from the routine or busy lifestyle.

A Class

Think about their interests. Are they into cooking, photography, or playing the ukulele? Think about getting them a class where they can learn from experts in the field they are passionate about: a wildlife photography class, a pastel coloring class, or a breakdancing weekend workshop.

A Romantic Evening

Even if you’ve been together for 20 years, continue to surprise your partner with all the romantic stuff they used to love when you were dating. Did you take her out to dance? Did you go on a sunset walk by the beach? Did you cook him his favorite food and set a candle light dinner back then? Chances are that your partner still enjoys the same things:-)

When making or buying gifts, keeping your partner’s interests and wishes in mind is essential. Use your creativity to make your loved one know how important they are to you!


Diane Xo

Diane J. Artemis

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